We all know that the nature of man is to have fun with things. And having fun with handguns can have 2 extents. The first is the obvious, you take your pew to the range and shoot and shoot and repeat. The second part of having fun with a handgun is customisation of your Rock Island with the help of gun parts.

And thankfully the aftermarket handgun market is as versatile as can be. There are many companies that specialise in gun upgrades and maybe even more single gun enthusiasts that temper with their firearms to a safe extent. The Rock Islandas well as other handgun types, can be upgraded with accessories as well as have gun parts replaced. The market with gun parts is wide and there are many options for purchasing.

Either in bulks, sets or separately. The options for your Rock Island include sights, slide stops, barrels, triggers, cylinders, hammers, muzzles, trigger guards etc.

rock island 1911 a1 ms disassembly

There are several parts and accessories such as handgun sights, grips or magazines which will be mentioned in this article briefly and you can find detailed information in articles about them here: sights, grips or magazines. The simplest and one of the most useful part upgrades is a sight upgrade. Although this is not a specialised article about it, the basis stays the same - there are numerous options and the best place to find them is here.

Many handguns offer the option to have their sights exchanged either for night sights or red dot sights. Night sights can be divided into photoluminescent sights, tritium sights and fiber optic sights. Red dot sights, on the other hand differ from manufacturer to manufacturer but the basis is that they offer a stabilised point of aim.

This is a great choice if you are looking for two things, more comfort and an outstanding look. Custom grips will improve your shooting because they will let your hand grip be more tight and secure and custom grips will improve your gun looks.

Grip modifications will definitely improve your grip no pun intended. There are several types of grips that you can utilise. There are exchangable grips that come with the firearm from the manufacturer or you can invest in grip tapes, finger groove grips and many more. Check the options below. Magazines are a useful example of the saying there is always room for more ammo. Upgrade the capacity of your firearm by choosing a custom mag and feel a little bit safer.

Insufficient lubrication and faulty magazine springs and followers are often the case of mag failures. A match grade mag eliminates this and you will have a better feeling while defending yourself.

rock island 1911 a1 ms disassembly

Find more info below. Mag upgrades differ and vary, you can just upgrade your baseplate or you can invest in a larger capacity magazine.

You can also invest in getting a professional match grade mag that is just basically a factory magazine on steroids and is upgraded to perfection. A pistol slide gets the job done and if you go one step forward and get your hands on a custom pistol slide you can not only have a slide that gets the job done but also looks the way you want. Many handguns have the option to have their slides customised, check them below.

Another possibility of upgrading your handgun is a new and custom barrel. Factory barrels can be always upgraded and a brand new barrel can minimise recoil and improve your shooting experience. The aftermarket with barrels is thriving so you can just delve in and look at all the options possible. While not a part of the firearm itself, the handgun holster is one of the more important features of your carry.When it comes to picking which Rock Island Armory Series pistol to purchase, the high-quality design and comfortable and reliable user experience of the GI and Rock Series should be right up your alley.

But what sets each apart? There are more models from which to choose in the Rock Series, though you generally spend a little more for higher performance. Verdict: For the buyer with a lower budget, the GI Series is the way to go. For those with a little more spending cash to pay for added performance, try out the Rock Series. Both series offer a variety of caliber options, so your decision on which to buy depends on your personal preferences. With both series, shooters can find models that feature 45ACP and 9mm calibers.

And the GI Series uniquely offers the 38 Super caliber. When it comes to sights, your selection between the GI and Rock Series again depends on personal preference.

rock island 1911 a1 ms disassembly

Shooters with recreational intentions might be better suited for a fixed sight that keeps them on target. But for those looking to reload often and looking for flexibility for competition shooting, adjustable sights are probably ideal. The GI Series offers fixed front and rear sights across the board. The Rock Series, however, offers a few more options in its lineup. Verdict: Depending on your usage, you can select a fixed or adjustable sight to fit your needs among the products in the GI and Rock Series.

For casual or beginner shooters, the GI Series offers simplified sighting. For the experienced or competitive shooter, the Rock Series gives the flexibility and versatility you require. Topics: Firearms Ammo Team News Shop. Subscribe to get the latest news. This is a placeholder, please delete before making live. Know the Difference: GI Series vs. Caliber Both series offer a variety of caliber options, so your decision on which to buy depends on your personal preferences.

Sights When it comes to sights, your selection between the GI and Rock Series again depends on personal preference. Enter your email address to be the first to know….The Rock Island Armory series is a product line of single-action recoil operated semi-automatic pistols. MA1the standard issue US Service pistol from to The Compact model features a skeletonized hammer and beavertail grip safety while the Tactical model also adds a target-grade hammer and trigger as well as an ambidextrous safetyand enhanced contrast combat sights.

RIA series pistols are constructed of chromoly steel with a cast frame, and are available in. The general specifications for Rock Island Armory pistols are: [7].

Rock Island Armory 1911 A1 Tactical 2 Disassembly

Variants of Rock Island Armory pistols include: [3] [4] [7]. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Redirected from Rock Island Armory. Type of Semi-automatic pistol. Retrieved February 23, Archived from the original on Retrieved Squires Bingham International, Inc.

Archived from the original on 2 May Retrieved 9 September Armscor USA.

Rock Island Armory

Archived from the original on 3 September Jason "Making the Rock Island Armory. Categories :. Hidden categories: Webarchive template wayback links Articles with short description. Namespaces Article Talk. Views Read Edit View history. Help Community portal Recent changes Upload file.

Download as PDF Printable version. Wikimedia Commons. Add links. RIA Tactical pistol discontinued model.JavaScript seems to be disabled in your browser. You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website. The best choice for a Rock Island A1 MS holster is likely a concealment holster, since compact s are reckoned by many to be the perfect carry pistol. However, you should be able to carry and conceal in comfort, which is the standard Alien Gear strives for.

Every Alien Gear holster features an adjustable retention shell, molded to fit your precise make and model. IWB holsters also have adjustable belt clips, so ride height and cant can likewise be adjusted to user preference. Should you be after something more modern, there is also the Cloak Tuck 3. The 3. Neoprene padding will keep moisture away, and the Alien Skin textured surface keeps your gun secure in the holster. Regardless of which holster you select, you can rest assured that it comes with a guarantee.

Alien Gear guarantees every holster for life, against defect or damage. We also offer a lifetime of shell trades, so you can keep a holster even if you don't keep a pistol. We also offer a day Test Drive. A Purchase is required, but you get 30 days to decide if Alien Gear is the holster you want.

If not, return for a refund. We think you'll be convinced much sooner than that. Schedule your test drive with an Alien Gear holster today! Rock Island - A1 MS 4. Riverbend Ave. Post Falls, ID.

Alien Gear Holsters is bent on crafting the worlds best concealed carry holsters on the planet. Any planet. All Rights Reserved. Patents Pending.Here are my findings. My first firing session of rounds was very frustrating. My ammo was Winchester WinClean ammo.

The magazine is cheap and she needs a polish job. I polished everything that had metal to metal contact. I disassembled the entire gun — hammer, sear, pins, springs — you name it — down to the bare frame. I gave everything a very through cleaning. I had to made a slight modification with Dremel to make it fit, a five minute job.

I replaced the stock recoil spring with a Wolff With the FLGR in, the entire slide action is much more smooth when manual cycling the slide. I also ordered 1 standard 8-round Chip McCormick magazine and 1 8-round Power Mag, just to see if there would be any difference in feed-ability or function both worked fine. I also made a slight adjustment on the stock extractor. The rest of the Rock Island was left bone stock.

I have always used Mobil One synthetic oil in my guns for lube. They get real dirty but they always work! I fired a total of rounds and she never missed a beat — no, jams, no stove pipes. There were just three errors, of which two were me an the other was caused by a bit of debris lodged in the extractor. I cleaned the extractor with a dry brush and there were no further problems. I found that after adding the FLGR and the My first impression was the pistol was OK.

But when I fired it, it was not smooth like my other.In another article, we talked about the Colt and the many different variants of the that Colt offers for sale. Colt has been manufacturing pistols longer than any other manufacturer, and to this day, they are one of the highest quality factory s that money can buy. A brand new Colt fresh out of the factory will run you close to if not over a thousand dollars.

And not everyone who wants a has that kind of money laying around. If you find yourself in this situation, where you really want a but are short on cash, you basically have two options: 1. Be patient and save up for a Colt or a similarly priced model from another manufacturer, or 2. Spend your money now on a budget model. Get Deals on Guns and Tactical Gear. Rock Island Armory currently produces a handful of different modelsincluding a G. All RIA s are built out of chromoly steel using CNC equipment and are designed to be entry level models on the market, though the Match and Tactical models sport features not found on the standard G.

When you purchase the RIA G. This itself is nice, since many major manufacturers such as Ruger ship their handguns in disposable cardboard boxes.

Holsters for Rock Island - 1911-A1 MS 4.25 inch

The grips will be constructed out of wood to enhance its traditional look. The grip safety is slightly extended in comparison to the original MA1 that saw service with the military. This is done to prevent, or at least minimize the chances of, hammer bite.

RIA only ships one magazine with the gun, which admittedly is a bit of a disappointment since most gun manufactures send at least two magazines or sometimes as many as three. I style s such as from Springfield or Colt. One of the biggest cost savings in the RIA comes in the form of the parkerized finish. While this finish is admittedly rather dull and crude looking, it actually provides better protection against rust and moisture than standard bluing does.

Original MA1 pistols used by the military had the parkerized finish as well. You will also notice some small machining marks on the RIA as well, but nowhere is the parkerized finish too thin that it would wear off quickly. One place where an RIA GI will commonly have machining marks is on the curve at the top of the slide. One issue that many people have with the RIA is the lack of a bushing to contain the recoil rod and the barrel. Thankfully, there are many online instructions and YouTube videos on how to do it, and you can always refer to the RIA manual too of course.

I style of One of the biggest pros of the is the light and crisp single action trigger pull. While you may suspect that a budget such as the RIA offering would have a longer and mushier trigger pull for cost savings, this is simply not the case. The RIA G. Many s require a break-in period in order to start functioning reliably, and the RIA G. I is not an exception here. A break-in of around two hundred to two hundred and fifty rounds should be sufficient.

As far as long term reliability is concerned, the RIA functions the most reliably with standard grain FMJ ammunition.

Rock Island 1911 Pistol Review

You will also notice that the slide will slow down as it accumulates more carbon with extended shooting. As the sights are very minimalistic on the gun, it can be difficult to hit the bullseye beyond the ten to twelve yard line.

In short, the RIA GI is an adequate performer on the range, though you should not expect competition grade accuracy out of it either. In conclusion, is the RIA G. I have owned this model for several months now and it functions pretty flawlessly.So why am I talking about the Rock Island ? Because out of all of them, Rock Island makes s for the average Joe. I like the no-frills, bare bones, baseline G.

Enter the Rock Island Armory A1. The pistol is an import from the Philippines—a fact most prominently reflected in the price. The gun has a stubby little hammer and a thin beavertail. The pistol is parkerized, like the originals if in a slightly darker color.

The differences are more practical. Lowered ejector port. Beveled magazine well. The barrel has been tweaked so hollow points will feed. While these are really sound ideas, they detract from the pure replication of the A1.

But does that matter? Many corners are cut in the manufacture. The gun has smooth wooden grips. The frame and the slide are cast instead of milled. And that is enough to scare some folks away. Other differences seem random. The gun has a flat mainspring housing. The A1s were curved slightly. Purists are debating right now which is better and why, though it has more to do with feel. When it comes down to it, the Rock Island does what it is supposed to do. I have gone through numerous boxes of.

In this case, the slide slows after awhile as it gunks up with carbon build up. The sights are also a bit nubby. And often times I found myself compensating. However, groups are always consistent at around 1. It is a afterall, and recoil is incredibly mild even for beginner shooters. It is what it is. A Mil-Spec Springfield will set you back a little more. In fact, this is the type of gun you want to shoot until it breaks—just to see how much it can take.

The Rock Island A1 is a pistol that deserves to get dirty. Toss it in the toolbox. Take it on a river trip. If something breaks, try to fix it. The Colt Woodsman is credited as the first successful rimfire. The Woodsman enjoys a rich history as Traditions, long known for budget-friendly muzzleloaders and centerfire imports, is the first to carve out a new space with the My Account See Cart. The Guns.

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