Discussion in ' Engines ' started by Ade. Mk1Feb 2, Log in or Sign up. Club GTI. Right guys and gals it has been well over a year now since I finished my MK1 and I am getting itchy fingers to do some more modding!!! So what is the best engine, gearbox etc conversion for a MK1 to give a good balance of drivability and power? Can those who have done the following to a MK1 give me some feedback on it G60 2 or 2. Simplicity and reliability reasons made me go valver route 2. MK1 2LTR. I have gone the budget route and used a 2ltr 2e bottom end with polished k-jet 8v head with kent GS2 cam.

It gives great torque but admitidly doesnt rev half as well as the 16v but i think it is more usable on the road. Im using a 16v gear box to give it better legs at the top end. On the rolling road when it was set up it ran bhp fly wheel. Gonna try a v-sam pro unit that is half installed and also port the head a bit more to see if this helps. In total it has only cost a few hundred pounds and totaly transforms the mk1. Mk1 2ltrFeb 3, The car has never been properly setup other than a standard tune and ran bhp at the wheels on TSR's road, with a faulty Distributor No Vac adv new dizzy should come today.

Then get mot sorted and take it to stealth for setting up. I went down the 8v route for ease of setup plus it looks standard!

VW 1.8T Engine Swaps and Turbo Conversions

Depends what you want it for. A tuned 16v is the cheapest bank for buck option. I got bhp out of an 16v with a flowed head. A tuned 2. Im now going to use an ABF 16v from a mk3 gti. I recently installed an Audi 6A 2L 16v in my Mk2 and that transformed the car with the extra torque more than anything, in a lighter Mk1 it would be awesome.Joe Bristow owns a unique Golf Mk3 called Golvo powered by a turbocharged 2.

Last year the car set a personal best of 9. Over the winter he started building something even wilder for the season. The new project features a Golf Mk7 body on a custom chassis with Lamborghini Galardo uprights and control arms. It will be powered by a twin-turbo 4. It took him three months to transform the drift machine from a rolling shell.

The Golf rides on a custom tubular front and C-notched rear frame. Boba Motoring is known for building very fast Golfs.

Last year they set a World Record in their Golf Mk2 with a 8. They returned to Santa Pod Raceway earlier this year hoping to break that record. Unfortunately they had to turn the boost down to 3. The owner of this custom Golf wanted the convenience of a five-door hatchback but the performance of an R Since Volkswagen never sold the five-door in the USA, the owner built his own. The unique creation starts with a Golf 1. Then he installed the powertrain and interior from … Read more. While there he was able to reach The car was built using a Golf Mk4 R32 body with a carbon fiber … Read more.Take 1 scrapyard EDIS pluglead and carefully prise off the plastic surround.

Slide the surround out of the way and VERY carefully grip the contact and ease it out of the rubber boot. It will snap easily, use some lube if necessary. With the boot out of the way uncrimp the contact and remove it together with boot and surround. Assemble these parts on the new lead and crimp tightly. This is a guide to fitting a VAG 1. I decided to fit this engine because it is almost a straight swap, the engine is quite technically advanced and highly tunable for little cash.

Many of the other variants have DBW drive by wire throttles, VVC variable valve timing or are fitted longditudinally Audi A4 and Passat and require new manifolds and sump. The standard Mk2 gearbox isn't really strong enough so a Mk3 'box was sourced for the conversion. A few things cropped up during my research - The basics Engine - A 1. Transmission - The same goes for the gearbox however the Mk2 Golf unit won't last long.

mk2 golf engine conversion specialists

Mk4 is a good choice. Clutch - on later 'boxes it is operated hydraulically, not cable but can be converted. Gearlinkage - later 'boxes use cables not rods so you need to get a linkage inc gearlever with your 'box Cooling - the Mk2 radiator hose fittings are in the wrong place - a 1.

Wiring - depends mainly on what ECU is used. Intercooler and pipes - the Mk2 wasn't designed for these - plan their route carefully. Extra heat - turbo's produce a lot of heat, wires, pipes etc. The first job after sourcing an engine was to partially strip and inspect it. Both manifolds, cylinder head and sump were removed.

As the crankshaft big end bolts are stretch bolts like head bolts the pistons, crank and conrod's were not removed.

mk2 golf engine conversion specialists

If this was a fragile engine I would have completely stripped it but they have a reputation for being reliable, robust units so I took a chance and saved some cash. With the manifolds off I could see the previous owner had uses decent fuel by the lack of deposits on the valves.

Best MK1 Engine Conversion

Unfortunately the sludge in the sump pointed to poor servicing. This had done the turbo no favours. There was around 8mm of play in the spindle and the wastegate housing was cracked highlighted. Heatsheilds have 'do not touch' warnings on them for a reason. Aside from this the rest of it looked pretty good.

The head was just dirty, the cams and buckets were removed and inspected. The cambelt only drives one of the camshafts, the other being driven by a chain with a tensioner between them.

This tensioner is both sprung loaded and oil fed, presumably having a spring in case of an oil pressure problem which would allow the cams to rotate too much and potentially result in valves hitting the pistons.

With the engine checked and cleaned it was just a case of bolting it back together with lots of new, shiny parts including new belts, gaskets, filters etc. Each wire was traced back from the ECU plug. I did initially want to put megasquirt inside the standard ECU case as I could then leave it in the engine bay - the MS case isn't watertight.

However it was a few mm too small so I used a waterproof bulkhead connector from a Vauxhall Corsa door loom to run the wires inside the car. I also made a pin removal tool out of some ground down welding wire.

See the Megasquirt section for full wiring details. As there are literally hundreds of Mondeo's, Fiesta's etc in scrapyards I decided on a Ford coilpack - however the HT leads were not going to be long enough so I made some new ones.Discussion in ' Mk2 ' started by scottishpedroFeb 19, Log in or Sign up. Club GTI. Joined: Jul 30, Likes Received: 0. Hi all I bought a 8v GTI 18 moths ago and love it.

It had a club GTI sticker on the rear window so someone on here may recognise the car? I am getting a 20vt conversion AGU engine with 02J box done in the Spring but am having trouble getting my head fully round the engine mounting. On advice, I purchased 2 mount brakets: I was told the right engine mount bracket from my 8v should be fine. Now I believe I will need to buy g60 mounts to go with each bracket for the conversion. Are the g60 mounts hydraulic or rubber, is there a choice, and if so what should I go for?

Are these still available from vw? Does anyone have the required part numbers? Thanks in advance, Pedro. Hi, thanks for the reply Yeah that highligths my problem, there seems to be many different ways of doing it. I think I have bought the correct brackets, and think a set of new g60 mounts would be ideal.

I just phone vw to ask if the g60 mounts are still available and he gave me a 'computer says no' type answer, possibly because I couldnt give him a g60 reg number. Does anyone know if they are still available direct from vw and if not where to look? I presume my original 8v mounts 2 of which are newish will not be up to the job Cheers Pedro. The bracket you have is ok but you will need the other bracket that goes with it.

Joe16vFeb 20, Thanks for replies Do you have one of these straight brackets to go with mine? If so how much posted?

I am currently looking where to get the g60 mounts, is vwheritage a good shout? I don't think the dealer does them anymore Thanks Pete. You must log in or sign up to reply here.

Show Ignored Content. Share This Page Tweet. Your name or email address: Do you already have an account? No, create an account now. Yes, my password is: Forgot your password? This site uses cookies to help personalise content, tailor your experience and to keep you logged in if you register.Well where to start I bought this golf off an old chap who lives locally to me,I had seen it sitting in front of his place for years 15 years actually and one day decided to knock on and ask if it was for sale and after much deliberation he sold it to me.

I got it back to the yard and put it straight on the ramp,sent it up in the air and was pleasantly surprised as the underneath was all intact. The interior is all there and in good order,it has the early seatbelts and dash and the early gti steering wheel, the centre console and gti dials,to be honest it all looks original and unmessed with inside this gti.

There is a full set of 5 gti alloy wheels and they have also been restored. It runs and drives beautifully,its a 1. All in all its a nice golf gti that's complete. Find us Legal notice Opening hours.

mk2 golf engine conversion specialists

Book an appointment. Opening times. Book a service now We can offer you a great special price for a complete inspection! New online access Find out more about us and our services! All messages. Login Logout Edit page.Through the years, we have performed countless engine swaps on various VW models and due to our numerous success stories, we are generally renown as specialists in VW engine conversions.

Typically, a remapped 1. Upgrades to the fuelling, intercooler and turbo will enable the motor to produce a safe hp to the wheels. We are happy to work around our customers requirements and can do this.

We would typically run through a list of the parts that the car will require and any shortfall in parts supplied by the customer would need to be supplied by ourselves and charged accordingly to the final bill. However, for engine components not supplied by Style Dynamics, we require customers to sign a disclaimer to waive us of any responsibility in the event of engine failure after install. For those of you having trouble getting the car to start after having completed most of the engine swap as a DIY attempt, we are able to help.

We are able to defeat the immobiliser and get your car running so that you can get down to enjoying the fruits of your labour.

Wiring looms are another aspect of a DIY build that can bring many home-mechanics to a halt. Fear not — Style Dynamics can help! Please don't hesitate to contact us with any queries that you may have. We normally are able to reply back within a few hours. For pricing on a 1. How long does an engine conversion take?

I've got the engine and ancillaries - can you fit it? Really happy with the job the guys did on my Celica's exhaust. Thanks a lot for the work on my car - couldn't have done it without you guys.

I gained 65hp on my BMW M4 after a remap from these guys. High recommended. Contact Us. Start typing and press Enter to search.Home Help Search Login Register. What is the best engine to drop into a MK2 I have a 8v and I need it to go faster.

Let me know of any succesful conversions please. Any harder or easier than others? My golf was a gti 16v when i had it.

mk2 gti engine conversion, at home!

First conversion was to a 9a with kr cams and 6 hours to do the conversion with good power increase. Now i have just finished a 20vt done it myself and running bhp on k03s. Much better to drive than my old mk3 vr highline. Conversion was not that hard realy just got a couple of things to finish off.

I would say best conversion for the mk2. Ruined in Britain. Quote from: dubvrs on 26 March S4 Avant. Eibach springs. RS4 Intercoolers. Viper Tuned. Goes Fast. Khare Serious forum addict Posts: 7, The bear that khares.

Mk2 golf Syncro 1.8 20v turbo O.C.D.D engine conversions

Goops Here all the time Posts: mk2 gti 16v. Saving up for the 1. Jay Forum addict Posts: 4, balding fat cvnt. Passat B5. Want some online storage? Click here to sign up for a Dropbox account.

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