Let this penetrate your souls undying nature, and separate gently your celestial and imperishable core from all foreign alloys that may have formed within you. Martinism is an initiatory tradition where the ritual work unifies and unfolds the teachings through active participation in its mysteries. In the inner life of man, there are forces, movements and powers that words struggle to convey, but that may be expressed with ease and precision by the wordless; through action, gnosis and silence.

Life and death, love and hate, mind and emotions are so permeating facets of being, that man throughout history created myths to express and mirror himself in them, out of the desire to perceive their meaning. All of this we regard as expressions for our longing to understand our origin, essence and meaning.

Myths give rise to symbols; life is a light in the darkness; death a cold corpse, rebirth a shooting rose. Love is a warm but devouring fire, the mind a two-edged sword. This language of images, speaks to something deep within us, beyond time and culture. When we reach the abyssal origin of our being, a dialogue begins with ourselves, that we do not manage to partake in when it is drowned by the noise, fleeting images and empty sense-perceptions of daily and mundane perception.

Through a series of initiations, termed as degrees, the seeker goes deeper and deeper into him or herself, and gradually uncovers aspects of ones being that are the roots of the unrest, distress and existential restlessness that permeates the life we are all born into. Through the language of myth; of experience rather than words, the tradition seeks to tell that all men, in the time before time, was in a state of perfect clarity, self-understanding, gnosis, rest and harmony, that now seems lost.

But still persists in the sacred silence, in the hearts of all men and women. Through the rituals of initiation, we press deeper down into ourselves, lift the illusory veils that sustains our oblivion of the lost light, and one stand face to face with the truth about who one is.

The light we all carry drive the shadows of the night away, and the inner sun rise from the darkness: Enlightenment. Continue reading about the history of Martinism. Membership Library. All of this we regard as expressions for our longing to understand our origin, essence and meaning Myths give rise to symbols; life is a light in the darkness; death a cold corpse, rebirth a shooting rose. Links Apokatastasis.A range of t-shirts featuring a huge variety of original designs in sizes XS-5XL; availability depending on style.

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This magnificent jewelry, decorated with the sacred Martinist pantacle, perfectly designed, representing the Soverain Architect of the Universe, releases a truly exceptional vibrational radiation. The harmony created between the ring and its owner works like a true talisman, and assures a true protection. To acquire this exceptional jewelry, please send us an e-mail with the size desired. After, it will take 6 to 8 weeks for the fabrication and the shipping.

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Each ring is unique and made to measure. Each sale is final. Highly symbolic and magic, the cordelier is known and used since the human being has been awaken to the divine. We can assure without any doubt that its functions are primordial in the great majority of magical rites, theury, or simply for prayer and meditation. One of its main function is to filter the emotional energy coming from the chakra. Our cordeliers are 8ft. Designed and made by Initiates, braided by hand, and composed of quality wool.

Its x-crossed design assures a maximum efficiency to its owner. Indeed, it is not recommended to use braided cordeliers sold in store for curtains purposes, as they don't have the same efficiency because of tis material and their purpose. According to the quantity desired, there can be a delay in the shipping. You will be advised if it's the case. An important item within some initiatic tradictions. Black mask with satin finition, made in italy.

Superb 4in gold-plated pantacle, fixed on a stained and varnished wooden support. The support is provided with a chain so that it can be easily hung on a wall.

This pantacle is a perfect size for private oratories, to protect a place, or for all initiates who have to travel. It is possible to use it as an altar pantacle for the Great Ritual of the Full Moon.

The Martinist pantacle naturally attracts the higher positive influences, and will emanate its positive influences in any place where it is fixed. Exclusive model available for Free-Masons Initiates, limited edition.

Gold-plated pewter. Exclusive model available only from our site, limited edition. Of exceptional design, made to be inlayed on a gavel. Made in gold-plated pure pewter. This high protection medallion can also be used to ornate a small box, woodwork, pilgrim walking stick, furniture etc. The very first Martinist S. Medallion Pin ever designed and crafted to this day.Because of some circumstances out of our control, we have to discontinue a important part of our martinist products collection.

Therefore, all our products made in pewter will not be renewed. We invite all our customers that can afford it to take this opportunity to make a beautiful collection of those products while they are still available. We invite all the persons in charge of a Martinist Order or of an initiatic group to acquire all the paraphernalia and the products they will need in the future.

We truly thank you for your comprehension and your fidelity. Fraternally before the sacred flambeaux. The Direction. Symbol of high protectin and knowledge, the Black Virgin represents the Mater Materia, precious to the Alchemists.

This double-face medallion offers at its verso a unique representation of the Martinist Christic Knight. According to some revelations from initiates, this highly initiatic symbol was designed by Papus and Master Philippe of Lyon. On a side, the magnificent Black Virgin of Czestochowa, on the other side, one of the most beautiful figure of the Christic Knight, the medallion, symbol of protection and knowledge, is a unique and exceptionnal quality masterpiece.

Made in pure pewter, gold plated. This is the first collar medallion designed for Martinist Masonic members. This medallion echoes to the origins of Martinism, when the highest members of Free-Masonic Temples gathered around Martines de Pasqually for the practice of high Theurgy.

This medallion points out the ultimate accomplishment of the initiate as a Free-Mason and a Martinist. As of today, it is the most complete and the most beautiful medallion designed for the Martinist Free-Mason.

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A very unique item that takes you deep to the heart of christian mysticism, and its vibratory radiance assures a total protection during your spiritual works. Made of pure pewter, gold plated.

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Regular size 2in diametre. Exclusive model, redesigned to offer to the initiates the most beautiful item for their collar, and the most beautiful resonance for their magical and theurgic works. An unique piece.

martinist shop

We offer you without any doubt the most beautiful medallion designed for an Unknown Superior. The pantacle is wonderfully et carefully designed to make sure all the beauty and the details are revealed.

Above, the letters representing the Soverain Architect of the Universe, the S. An unique piece that definitely improves the magical range of the initiate during his rituals. We offer to you a magnificient piece of exceptional quality, exclusive to our website. This case is made of full silver sterlingof 25mm diameter 1in. Made to become a very high protection talisman, every part of the case was thought fo it. Its solar form gives it already a powerful protective vibration.

Its interior is adapted to receive our silver sterling of gold martinist medallion pendants. Once the case is scealed and consecrated, this talisman gives to its owner a maximal protection. Resting confortably on the chest of its owner, a true harmony is realised between the owner and his talisman. It becomes then more than a talisman, but also a sacred amulet, a true lucky-charm.

Made in gold plated pewter.Martinism is a form of Christian mysticism and esoteric Christianity concerned with the fall of the first man, his state of material privation from his divine source, and the process of his return, called 'Reintegration' or illumination. As a mystical tradition, it was first transmitted through a masonic high-degree system established around in France by Martinez de Pasquallyand later propagated in different forms by his two students Louis Claude de Saint-Martin and Jean-Baptiste Willermoz.

It was not used at the tradition's inception in the 18th century.

Martinist Accessories

This confusing disambiguation has been a problem since the late 18th century, where the term Martinism was already used interchangeably between the teachings of Louis-Claude de Saint-Martin and Martinez de Pasquallyand the works of the first being attributed to the latter.

In the highest of the three degrees of the Order of the Elus-Cohen, known as the Shrine, itself consisting of three degrees of which the highest was the Master Reau-Crois, evocation of entities belonging to the Divine Plane was carried out. This makes clear that the Elus-Cohen were not merely a mystical but a magical order. The chief evocation was that of the 'Mender', Jehoshua, and the basic methods were those of the Key of Solomonincluding the use of circles, names of angels, planetary hours and symbols.

The magical operations of the lower degrees were intended to establish contact between the operator and the Invisible World. Lofty and beautiful prayers recalled the goal which the Order tried to attain. There were also exorcisms intended to strangle demonic influence in the universe and thwart its powers over men, and to combat black magic. The regular transmission of the Martinist heritage to Chaboseau and Papus has not been proven as of today.

Martinez de Pasqually was active in Masonic organisations throughout France from the age of 28 onwards. This order had three sets of degrees: the first were analogous to the symbolic degrees of conventional Freemasonry. The second were generally Masonic, though hinting at Pasqually's own secret doctrine. The third set were blatantly magical : for example, by using exorcisms against evil in the world generally and in the individual specifically.

In the highest degree, the Reaux-Croixthe initiate was taught to use Theurgy to contact spiritual realms beyond the physical. De Pasqually put forth the philosophy underlying the work of the Elus-Cohens in his only book, Treatise on the Reintegration of Beings[5] which first uses the analogy of the Garden of Eden, and refers to Christ as "The Repairer".

After Martinez de Pasqually's death, the Elus-Cohens continued to operate for some time; however, divisions started to occur between various temples, which became dormant during the first half of the 19th century. The last-known surviving Elu-Cohen from the original incarnation of the order, Destigny, died in He was originally a barrister before taking a commission in the army at Bordeaux. Saint-Martin was initiated into the Elus-Cohens in and was active in the organization for at least six years.

Saint-Martin became increasingly dissatisfied with the Elus-Cohens' use of theurgic ritual, feeling that it was too sophisticated for the desired end. Instead, he favoured inward contemplation, or what he called "The Way of the Heart". Nevertheless, Saint-Martin continued to acknowledge Martinez de Pasqually's influence on his own system of thought. Inafter failing to convince the Elus-Cohens to adopt a more contemplative practice, he cut back his involvement in the Order. He ceased all involvement in Saint-Martin outlined his philosophy in several books, using the nom de plume of "The Unknown Philosopher".

These include:. There has been some controversy over whether Saint-Martin himself ever founded a formalised Order of Martinists. For example, 20th-century Martinist author Robert Ambelain initially claimed that Saint-Martin founded an order called the "Society of Initiates", [7] but within a few years he became disillusioned with the concept and stated that the Society of Initiates never existed.

Jean-Baptiste Willermoz bornLyonFrance; died also at Lyonwas initiated into Masonry at the age of 20 in a lodge which operated under the auspices of the Strict Observance.

The degree structure of the rite was thus:. It was through one of them, Henri Delaage, that in a brilliant young Parisian doctor, Gerard Encausse Later to be known as Papusbecame acquainted with the doctrines of Saint-Martin.

Subsequently, intogether with some of his associates, he established a Mystical Order which he called the Ordre Martiniste or the Martinist Order. The founding of the Order came about when Encausse met Augustin Chaboseau in Papus and Chaboseau discovered that they had both apparently received Martinist initiation through two different chains of succession which linked back to Saint-Martin and his original disciples.

Papus claimed to have come into the possession of the original papers of de Pasqually and to have been given authority in the Rite of Saint-Martin by his friend Henri Viscount Delaage. The Martinist Order which Papus founded was organised as a Lodge system, which worked four degrees:.Join our community of Martinist members!

The Martinist Universal Table - Rectified \u0026 Explained

This is a space where we can share what is happening in our local groups, meet other members and stay connected. We recommend that you join the Atelier or Heptad where you live, as well as those in areas that you travel to often.

Please contribute to our site, and invite other Martinists to join our community! Please note: This is not a site that is appropriate for self-promotion including posting your own website, websites for other groups or things you are trying to sell. Regarding images and sound files: You may not share images that you did not create or that you do not have permission to post.

Also, please do not upload sound files that open automatically on your page. You may not link off the site or post urls to other sites.

martinist shop

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