Marinette picked up the thornless rose from the bookshelf in the wall behind her bed.

marinette blood fanfiction

As usual, she pressed her nose into the bloom and took a deep sniff, inhaling the rich scent. Every morning for the past month she had been waking up to a single, blood red rose on the same shelf.

At first she thought it was a present from her parents, and thanked them for it. However, they denied having anything to do with it. Her parents were terrible at keeping secrets. Whenever they tried to, their lips would start to twitch in their efforts to not break down in giggles. But when she had asked about the rose, their faces were perfectly confused. They truly didn't do it.

That meant some stranger was coming in and leaving them there. They literally had to climb over her to put it on the shelf, somehow without waking her. She considered herself to be a light sleeper, so this stranger must have been quick and light on their feet. At first she had been utterly terrified at the thought of some mystery person intruding in her room.

She tried staying up one night to catch them, but sleep ultimately ended up pulling her into the abyss of dreams. She had even told Alya about this, but the girl only giggled and teased her, claiming she had a secret admirer. Marinette had dismissed the notion with a laugh before going on about how stealthy they were, how they managed to leave roses there without even slightly rousing her. Her best friend pointed out that Nathanael was really quiet, perhaps he was leaving them there, since they both knew the artist had a crush on her.

Marinette highly doubted it, she didn't think the boy was the type to do something like that. And now that she had a possible face to the suspect? The situation seemed more creepy than romantic. The blackette then inclined her head over her shoulder to steal a look at the red-head. His face was looking down to his sketchbook as he drew, oblivious of the two girls discussing him. He was a nice guy, but she just didn't feel that way for him. She honestly dreaded the day for when he gathered up the courage to ask her out.It all started five years ago.

It was about a month after the Evillustrator came for her and Cat Noir protected her. She was sitting on her balcony chair, enjoying the nice breeze before she curled up in pain. This pain wasn't caused by any akuma; she knew it was going to happen. She counted up the days, watching her pills change from white for the past three weeks to another color on the fourth. She wore looser clothing, knowing how bloated she would be.

She even had on a pad, knowing that the blood flow on the first two days would be too heavy for most tampons. She was prepared for her period. Except for the fact that she forgot to take her pain medication. Ever since Marinette's periods began four years ago, she was irregular. When she was given birth control to regulate her about two years ago, she began having extreme pain.

Midol wouldn't work for her. So, her doctor prescribed her a more powerful pain medication. Marinette keeps it in her vanity's drawers when she doesn't need it so that she doesn't lose it. However, that means she sometimes forgets it's there when she needs it the most. Most of the time, her parents are awake and find her when she forgets.

Most of the time, she has her phone on her so she can get help. Not this time. Tikki tried to get the medicine for her, but she couldn't open the bottle and couldn't phase through windows and walls while holding something.

And so Cat Noir found her, huddled in a ball on her balcony, shivering and crying in the warm evening. He was across the Seine, on top of Notre-Dame. Marinette curled in on herself, trying to keep the pain inside. He took a step forward, resting a hand on her knee.

He walked away and opened the balcony hatch before returning. Marinette nodded, moaning in pain as his hands slip under her knees and behind her back; the new position did nothing to relieve her of her pain.

She wrapped her arms around his neck, burying her face in his shoulder as new tears sprung from her eyes. Each step jostled. The step down into her room was the worst. There wasn't a ladder, so Cat Noir had to drop down on her bed, which proceeded to bounce slightly. She let loose a small shriek, biting on her wrist to muffle her voice.

Cat Noir set her down on the bed, removing the covers. Still, she clung to him. Her breathing was heavy, her eyes clenched as she tried to think through the pain.My earrings gave off their 1 minute warning. Bug out. I landed in an ally and turned back. I smiled giving her a cookie. Tikki flew into my purse and I walked out the ally.

This akuma had been a tough one, but Chat and I manged. As I walked by a jewelry store, a black cat charm caught my eye. Adrian's birthday was coming up again, this time I'm gonna make him a friendship bracelet. I walked into the store and bought the charm. I then ran home, excited to get started.

For a week, I worked on the bracelet, wanting to make sure that it would be perfect. The band I made was orange, like his shoes, and made sure the charm was looped in. I noticed how late it was and decided to go to bed. Marinette is late again. No surprise there. Alya counted down from 5 when Marinette busted into the room. She was out of breathe as she sat down. It was so cute how she always rushed to get to school when she literally lived right next door to the school.

I smiled at her and she turned red then looked away. I frowned at that. It seems as though she still hates me for the whole gum incident. I want to be her friend, but it she's she doesn't feel the same. I turned red at the thought of Ladybug. The ever so gorgeous hero.While we've done our best to make the core functionality of this site accessible without javascript, it will work better with it enabled.

marinette blood fanfiction

Please consider turning it on! Remember Me. Marinette struggles to stay happy nowadays but what better way to change your mood than with a change of location? Adrien gave up his miraculous so he could start fresh. After all, his dad was in prison for being the super villain Hawkmoth and his other caretaker Nathalie died from over use of a broken Miraculous.

So now Marinette is the guardian of the miraculous. Will her bullies lies get exposed? Will she find love in the most dangerous city in the world? Will she find out the identities of Gothams heros? Yes, probably, but its all about the ride and not the destination. This is mosty a salt and Fluff fic.

Slow burn Detective AU! Marinette is used to working alone on the streets of Paris as she strives to take down the Hawkmoth gang. When the thief Chat Noir comes crashing into her life things are bound to get magical, especially when co-detective Adrien returns to Paris and seems to want to be her new partner. Will their fated partnership end in a capture or a kiss? You can pun your own username for other characters, but remember this is also a salt fanfic. Marinette and her class are in a trip to Gotham and Mari's friends there are excited to see her, especially her adoptive parents.

Marinette and Marion have a lot going on for their class trip to Gotham; Villains keep attacking them, for some reason thinking they are Bruce Wayne's secret children. Also having to teleport back to Paris every other day to stop Hawkmoth. Marinette is the daughter of two bakers Marinette is a happy some times naive girl Marinette is loved to create and make more then they liked to destroy. These were the fact everyone knew, could guess easily from knowing her for a short period, but there is much more below the surface of the girl.

Marinette knew violence in depth before she ever heard of a miraculous Marinette always knew how to strike down her opponents quickly and effectively, whether it was with words or in self-defense Marinette has held magic before the miraculous was given to her, much darker and twisted magic, the Magic of the Proxies. It means many things.

The one chance that her brother's friends have to make things right in her eyes. The one chance to show Chat Noir how he's supposed to act while in the heat of battle. The one chance to put that foreigner in her rightful place. Marinette was gifted with the Tiger Miraculous to protect her brother's back in the heat of battle just as she does in her everyday life.

Between personal responsibilities and being Azrael, Marinette 'Miling' Dupain-Cheng is ready to take down whatever Hawkmoth and the foreigner try. And somehow getting Agreste to leave her life well enough alone. And throwing Chat Noir off of the Eiffle Tower Out a window Into the Seine.

She wasn't picky. Marinette lost something important inside her that made her Ladybug.The lovely tumblr artist 'chatartistx' has created beautiful fanart of this story! It took a while for Marinette to fall asleep after Chat's-or rather, Prince Adrien's -departure. His confession kept repeating itself over and over in her mind like a mantra, effectively robbing her of any rest. It was only when her exhausted brain finally couldn't keep up with the rampaging thoughts of that night that she was finally able to sleep.

Now she sat at her desk the next day, her current sewing project forgotten, as she once again let her mind wander. After a few minutes of getting nowhere, she took a deep breath, and let it out slowly through her mouth. Of course she would somehow manage to attract a vampire prince. Because why should she ever have a mundane, predictable life like everyone else? Only she would end up getting her life tossed up like this, by a creature that everyone thought was only a myth!

She knew one thing, and that was the urge to know more about him and others of his kind in whole. Like could they turn into bats? Did they have a weakness to garlic? Or crosses? Could they see their reflections in mirrors? A feeling of curiosity and enthusiasm bubbled inside her. He said he was going to come back later tonight, she would be able to ask all her questions then. Her once brightened eyes and straightened posture dulled and slouched, new feelings of doubt overcoming her excitement.

What if she asks him too many questions and he gets annoyed? What if he thinks that she needs to stop being so nosey? What if he gets offended by her questions? What if he. Marinette repressed the startled scream that very nearly tore out of her mouth as she quickly turned to her trapdoor, seeing it pushed open by an extremely familiar hand, followed by a more-than familiar head popping up through the hole leading to her room. She literally leaped inside, slammed the trapdoor shut, then proceeded to grab Marinette's hand and haul her to the chaise.

When her butt connected to the soft cushion, she looked up at her best friend in bewilderment. She took a deep breath, clearly mentally preparing herself, and spoke in a serious tone that Marinette has never heard before. Do tell," she coaxed with a slight curl of her lips. She couldn't help feeling at least a little smug; it was rare when she knew something before Alya did.

Was feeling a little boastful for once a crime? Like, those blood-sucking, evil creatures from the movies. Marinette's sly expression quickly turned into a harsh glare, desire to protect the sweet vampire surging through her veins as she immediately came to his defense.

Alya drew back, blinking in surprise at her friend's sudden anger, until her look resembled that of confusion. I meant, like, he's a vampire like in horror movies and that. I didn't really mean to say that he's evil.While we've done our best to make the core functionality of this site accessible without javascript, it will work better with it enabled.

Please consider turning it on! Remember Me. Marinette was positive she was ready for anything on her first day of lycee. She brought her sewing kit for emergency fashion mishaps, plenty of pens and notebooks for work and sketching, and even enough macarons to share with the class.

What she had not prepared for was chasing her new friend in pursuit of a supervillain and accidently saving a superhero. Chat Noir and Hawkmoth loom over Paris, and only a team of heroes can stop them.

marinette blood fanfiction

With the guidance of Crimson Beetle can Marinette and her friends truly save their city and become miraculous? Based on an idea that came to me at 1 am What if a peacock miraculous holder didn't have to be blue?

What if a shyer holder got the coloring of a peahen instead? Chat Noir is the sole hero of Paris. There is no cure after attacks and it only makes the attacks more stressful for everyone. When a mysterious person in brown shows up, Chat is wary.

They avoid him, but he believes they may be responsible for the damage being fixed. Meanwhile, Marinette's friends worry about her dizzy spells, exhaustion and- did she just cough up blood?! Marinette wasn't there to help Master Fu across the street, instead it was someone else, and it was that person who became Ladybug.

So Marinette got to live a normal life and gets noticed by Gabriel Agreste who invites her for work experience. After the Jackady incident Gabriel decides that Ladybug and Chat Noir need help and that Marinette is the person to do it, with the help of the Peacock Miraculous.

Inspired by 'imthepunchlord'. You have seen the effects of the Ladybug and Black Cat miraculouses. But what about the others? Marinette isn't late that day, and a rushing new girl helps that unassuming elderly man. But the akumas still terrorise, and soon she is called into action to become the wise yet elusive Paon.

AU: Marinette might not have been chosen to be Ladybug, but that doesn't mean she doesn't have the potential to be a great holder. Gabriel Agreste sees this potential and decides that perhaps it is time to pass the Peacock Miraculous onto a new Holder.

Hawk moth won, he had taken the miraculous and the world was in ruin. With the peacock miraculous Marinette travels back to the past, at the cost of her existence. Our grieving girl has one thought on her mind. Stop Hawk moth. When Alya's sisters get Akumatized, she wants to help but doesn't have much power to. Until a feather lands in her phone. But she is discontent with her life. Abandoned by her adopted mother, abused by her father's assistant, and neglected by her father, there is really only one rational response when a little box appears with a creature offering her the power to change her fate.

Adrien Dupain-Cheng has a great life. Adoptive parents who love him dearly, reliable friends who will always stand by his side, and the chance to become a superhero? His answer is a definite yes. But when he meets his supposed partner, he finds a girl angry with the world and deadset on making those who wronged her pay.

Can Adrien bring his intended partner back to the light of day, or will they both succumb to the darkness? If Felix had to care for a Peacock, he wouldn't clip their wings. He wouldn't do that - Unlike the world that had done that to his maid.Adrien couldn't feel his face, or anything really. He had gone numb sometime the day before and hadn't felt anything since. He tried to feel the warm rays of the sun on his skin but found that he simply felt colder.

He couldn't stop thinking about it. He knew he was bad luck but no one in the history of Chat Noirs had messed up as astronomically as he had.

The events played before him no matter what he did. Ladybug and Chat Noir were patrolling by the Paris rooftops as they usually did when Ladybug suddenly stopped after he said "I'd do anything to protect you my Lady. She had stopped her throw midway and starred at him with something close to being fear. He noticed that his lady wasn't by his side after his leap and turned to her with question.

He frowned as her words reached him. She held onto her yoyo with shaking fingers, with a rare mix of anger and panic. He meant what he said but he knew that if push came to shove he wouldn't be able to stop himself.

To put his body in the way to protect his Ladybug was something he did on instinct, but she didn't know that and his answer seemed to calm her as she vaulted over the street and onto the rooftop where he stood, just a few feet away from him.

But she never could tell him. Because at that moment an akuma appeared. With a background of explosions and screams, they both sprung into action. The akuma was dressed in a large blue bell-typed dress with dentelle stitched upon the edges of fabric.

She had large white ribbons on her hips and had intricate details all along the bodice of the dress. It would have been a beautiful dress had it not been for the visible gash going down the centre with various needles attached by thread hovering dangerously behind her back like feathers on a pair of wings.

She was a seamstress that was ridiculed for her work on a student's graduation robes and her anger was so potent or perhaps even Hawkmoth's that she just wanted to see people suffer. The long needles that stemmed from her threaded wings tips shot outwards and aimed for the heart of whoever was her target. There had been a handful of victims already by the time Ladybug and Chat Noir arrived at the scene.

It was as they feared: Hawkmoth's akumas grew stronger with every passing day, with every frustrating defeat, and people were starting to pay for it. Chat heard Ladybug gasp as her eyes fell onto the akuma, like she knew who she was. She even muttered something resembling "not again" under her breath before they both sprung forwards, deflecting.

The heart seeking needles. They fought as hard as and strong as they could, abiding their time before Ladybug would tell him to use his cataclysm as she tossed her yoyo in the air and called forth the lucky charm. Before she could form a plan though, the akuma unleashed a flurry of needles towards Ladybug who was now holding a lasso, dotted with black spots.

He knew she wouldn't be able to deflect them on time, her hands were full with the Lucky Charm, he knew she would get hit. Before he was even aware of what he was doing his legs pushed him forwards and the needles sought him out instead. He knew he was going back on his promise but he also knew that his Lady needed to be saved, and he'd do anything for his Lady.

Her eyes were open wide, her blue irises large and surprised. The following fight had been horrendous.

Ladybug was physically pinned down, her blood was seeping out by the minute and her miraculous was beeping. Only her wit and smarts managed to pull them out of the fight alive as she used Chat Noir to lasso the akumatized person and he rushed to bring her the butterfly.

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