Please Log in or Create an account to join the conversation. BTW, nice z. I had Z cars for many years.

One trick that made the car way easier to live with, was to put a 90 degree bend in the tailpipe, and shoot the exhaust out the side. This greatly reduces the exhaust from creeping in the windows.

The farther out he can get it, the better. I usually cut the pipe almost even with the bumper. If you don't, I think the shap of the car pulls exhaust along the side and it gets in the window if you have the window open. Index of Forums Recent Topics Search. Welcome, Guest. Username: Password: Remember me. Forgot your password? Forgot your username? Create an account. KZ Single Carb Conversion. I did a lot of research from many different forums to get information on this project so I figured I would share my work with you all.

The end result was still fairly dull and slow so I wanted to improve my bike as much as I could. I started researching single carb conversions and found that most people used an older CR carb or Mikuni VM series round slide carb.

I went with a new Mikuni VM The following user s said Thank You: mortalfloatersavheadbangerzayleosrich1ll1asdad. Excellent work! Bike looks great! Kz valve train warning. Other links. Thanks guys. Here's a couple more pictures of my bike. My shop and shop mate's Z.

Wow, awesome job. I love this bike. Very nice work. We're in the process of building a new L28 for it right now. I know it does smell like exhaust all the time inside so I'll pass on that advice to him.

Nice work man! Apparently you and I have similar taste. My is styled almost identically. It has clip-on's in my pictures on this forum, but I just replaced them with riser bars.Please Log in or Create an account to join the conversation. You cant use water. The gas is a micropenatrant. Same reason blowing doesn't help find small leaks. You can pour gas in a float bowl and the overflow will leak if it has micro cracks, do it with water and it won't.

Half the reason is what i said earlier, the other is surface tension related to water. Nessism wrote: Bottom line is that short cuts are long cuts when it comes to carbs. Doing the job right the first time saves time in the end. Index of Forums Recent Topics Search. Welcome, Guest. Username: Password: Remember me. Forgot your password? Forgot your username?

kz750 single carb

Create an account. Last month my carbs on my '81 kz E four cyl started overflowing and I'd come back to my bike, lift it off the kick stand and when it straightened up it would dump fuel out of the airbox on the ground. I narrowed it down to the carb closest to the choke and decided to order 4 new float needles. Those should be here tomorrow, fingers crossed. In the meantime I've been reading about making a carb balancer and I made the version with bottles to avoid sucking oil back into the engine.

I know on some carbs the intakes have a screw to tap into, but mine is rubber, so where do i stick these 4 vacuum lines to on my carbs and get the correct readings?

You should replace the seats with the needles. The carb holders should also have nipples to hook the vacuum lines to. Do you have a manual? Z1b Z1b Opinions expressed by me do not reflect those of the the staff or members kzrider. The following user s said Thank You: One1. Each of your carburetors CV34 has a vacuum nipple, usually 2 goes to the petcock at the gas tank and 1, 3, 4 are plugged up.

kz750 single carb

I would also do a clear test tube test to see if the floats are within specs also. I have a Kawasaki KZ Ltd. I bought new. I recently managed to get it out of my garage after 28 years and put it on the road again I feel like a kid all over again.

Love the LTD's. Last edit: by mopguy.JavaScript seems to be disabled in your browser. You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website. Jetting : mains, 25 pilots, P-8 needle jets, 6FJ6 jet needles, 2. Subscribe to our Newsletter. Dime City Cycles is the premier choice for DIY custom motorcycle parts, accessories and life style gear.

Whether your interest is Cafe Racers, Bobbers, Choppers, Brats, Trackers, Scramblers or you just want something a little different for your current ride, you are sure to find the parts you need right here. See details. Be the first to review.

Add to Cart. Description Despite what you've been told, that little lb gasoline powered love mochine of yours isn't giving you all she's got. If your still running stock Keihin carbs that is. Don't get us wrong, we build plenty of bikes with them and they get the job done, but if you after twist rip riot performance and simplicity theres simply no other solution for carburetion on these old bikes.

The two biggest advantages are pretty basic, but they make a huge difference when getting that pavement pounder tweaked and geaked for Friday night street brawls.

Disassemble and clean a motorcycle carburetor 1982 Kawasaki KZ750

Firstly, they're designed with tuning in mind. All the bits and pieces are easily accessible for quick changes to keep those puppy's ideally set-up throughout your ongoing modifications. The second, and probably most important, is the fact that they're controlled by actual cables vs. One of the biggest problems with the Keihin carbs is slides stick and with these bad-boys you can kiss that goodbye like that bump you got ointment for last month! These babies are pre-jetted for your KZ twin and come with what you need inside to make sure she'll go go go!

Kawasaki KZ750

As for the cables, you'll need to either measure exactly and order a new set, pickup some of our cable ends and cut your existing cables to the proper length or purchase the Mikuni cable kit we have available.

Submit Review. Qty: Add to Cart.To get started, click on any of the categories at the right side of the page or the links at the top of the page.

Anybody else got an idea? Dave the air box for the 78, 79, and G1 model of the twin might fit in the actual space in the CSR, but the boots are a different size, since the earlier models hav different carburetors. A couple things. If you feel that unusual vibration starting to form, does it go away if you back off the throttle a tad? Have you ever looked down at your chain when the unusual vibration starts to occur to see if the bottom if flapping wildly side-to-side?

I measured the chain as per the service manual and I got a reading of mm, which is about 2mm above the standard limit. I performed a more scientific compression test this time and I got psi in the left cylinder and in the right cylinder. Not good. I also suspect the valve seals are trashed and need to be replaced. ART is the company who made almost all of the original pistons for kawasaki, so this an incredible deal. I also found brand new Viton valve seals for 15 plus free shipping.

The valve seals for the twins are a joke to find because kawasaki apparently decided to use unique ones for these bikes and the same ones for every other goddamn model. As far as gasket go, I make them all myself. How do you get the blind cap plugs out of the four locations of the headbolts? Carlos — Thanks for pitching in!

Thanks for the advice I will check out the robogrip I will try to get some imagination and patience this one blindcap is something else thanks again. I need to order a new stator and regulator rectifier. Do you know if they are the same parts for the two models? Hey guys! Who is still around on this page? I might be looking to lean on some of you guys for mechanical advice.

Martin- Hmm. The whole of createforumhosting. I looked it up and their domain registry expires next month. Would anyone have access to the dimensions so I could have one manufactured? I just noticed the Twins Forum is down. Does someone have it archived? Who was running it? Can it be moved to another server? I need my Twins Forum!!!!! Hi all, Sad the old forummhas gone, it and the people posting were a great help to me over the years.JavaScript seems to be disabled in your browser.

You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website. General : Pre-Jetted carburetors only. If you are in need of a full kit, please contact us or check the carburetor kits portion of the site. Pre-jettted carburetors for the Kawasaki KZ twins. Intended for stock, or mildly modified engines.

Includes left and right carburetors. Mikuni's VM Series, round slide carburetors have proven themselves as the performance standard for use on single and multi-cylinder, motorcycle and ATV vehicles. They're perfect carbs for street riding, motocross, enduro and trail riding, as well as flat track and road racing. These carbs are designed to work on both 2-stroke and 4-stroke engines. VM series carburetors offer a large selection of bore sizes for optimal fuel mixture and flow to match most engine modifications.

A wide range of tuning components are available to allow precise fuel mixture metering in almost any application, at any throttle setting and under any riding condition. No, this offering is for the pre-jetted carburetors only. All other needed hardware will need to be sourced separately. Be the first to review this product. Next Answers. All answers will be displayed after moderation.

Cable - Universal Kit - Metal Junction. More Views. Assembled when ordered. Usually ships within 24 hours.KZ Twins. Biquetoast April 17, 31 Comments.

2 into 1 intake manifold

CarbReplacement. I get asked about installation of replacement fuel lines and filters on the KZ Twins alot. Such a simple thing, but the topic has many fine points, and I wanted to provide as much detail as possible about my preferred method of installation.

Silly engineers. As a result, if you run without inline filters, installing fuel lines is an easy, intuitive breeze. However, since this is the real world, most of us do have to worry about rust, and we do have to use inline filters. And because of this, we have to do crazy, creative things in order to have room to accommodate the filters… and not cause them to bend and shut down fuel flow as they soften from extended contact with fuel… or melt from contact with the back of the engine.

So we start with my garage plan chicken-scratch drawing on the back of a dirty envelope to help convey my design layout:. So, we start with one package of reasonable brand fuel line. Assemble the parts so that the natural curves in the hose works in your favor, so that when assembled, the filter will be stressed as little as possible.


Here is the assembly order:. You may have noticed in the pics that I have the tank sitting up on a wooden block for space. Note that the filters are spaced offset from each other, they are not bent or stressed, and the lines and filters are not touching the engine. Thank you for the advice. It worked and my bike is running better than ever. Please keep it up. If at all possible I would like to learn how to inspect my jets on the carb.

Thanks again. The bikes were jetted lean to start with. The stock Kawasaki filters are still available all over the place, since they were used with a few models.Never heard of it? So why a big twin? The vertical twin Before the onslaught of big triples and fours, the cc category was pretty much defined by vertical twins; or more to the point, British vertical twins like the Royal Enfield InterceptorNorton Commando and Triumph Bonneville. But compared to its British rivals the XS was considered small, while the TX was a regrettable failure.

By the end ofthere were really only two large vertical twins on the market, the cc Triumph Bonneville and the cc Yamaha XS While the days of Rule Britannia were over, there was still a sizeable community of riders who wanted a big twin.

For that group, the new fours were too much. They had two too many cylinders, too many camshafts, too many carburetors and too many spark plugs. And on that score, the KZ delivered. The 55 horsepower, cc twin had double overhead cams, shim and bucket valve adjustment, a Morse Hy-Vo primary drive chain and five forward gears.

kz750 single carb

Vertical twins vibrate, so Kawasaki gave the a pair of chain-driven counter balancers. It worked — mostly. Styling of the KZ was restrained, with a 3. Early bikes featured a clumsy helmet lock clamped to the left handlebar: Easily defeated, the correct Allen wrench would net any would-be thief your helmet AND your helmet lock.

Overall, however, testers gave the big twin good marks. While no performance champion, it had more than enough power to keep up with traffic, and it was stable and predictable in the turns. Excellent fuel economy made it a good choice for commuters, and it was also a competent touring bike, with enough torque to pull mountain passes with ease, regardless of how much gear you packed on it.

The biggest accolades were reserved for its dependability. Thanks to its simple but robust construction, the KZ earned a reputation for rock solid dependability, owners piling on the miles with little more than routine maintenance.

Kawasaki had gambled that there was a market for a simple, reliable big twin, and they were right. Kawasaki tried to give it some new life by bobbing the exhaust pipes, stepping the seat, clamping on a set of high-rise handlebars and, curiously, replacing the rear disc with a drum brake setup and calling it the CSR to bring it in step with its successful line of street cruisers.

Yet as solid a machine as the KZ twin was, its time had come and gone, and the model was retired for good after Until you rode one, that is. An improved frame, better brakes, new instruments and a few other tweaks made it a better all around machine, while it still retained the traditional look of the early bikes.

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